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Galaxy A
Galaxy J
Galaxy S
A3 2017 (A320F)
A5 2016 (A510F)
A5 2017 (A520F)
A6 2018 (A600F)
A6+ 2018 (A605F)
A7 2018 (A750F)
A8 2018 (A530F)
A8+ 2018 (A730F)
A9 2018 (A920F)
A10 (A105F)
A20E (A202F)
A30 (A305F)
A30S (A307F)
J3 2016 (J320F)
J3 2017 (J330F)
J5 2016 (J510F)
J5 2017 (J530F)
J7 2016 (J710F)
J7 2017 (J730F)
J2 2018 (J250F)
J4+ 2018 (J415F)
J6 2018 (J600F)
J6+ 2018 (J610F)
S6 (G920F)
S6 EDGE (G925F)
S6 EDGE+ (G928F)
S7 (G930F)
S7 EDGE (G935F)
S8 (G950F)
S8+ (G955F)
S9 (G960F)
S9+ (G965F)
S10E (G970F)
S10 (G973F)
S10+ (G975F)
S20 (G980F)
S20+ (G985F)
Galaxy Note
NOTE 4 (N910F)
NOTE 8 (N950F)
NOTE 9 (N960F)
NOTE 10 LITE (N770F)
NOTE 10 (N970F)
NOTE 10+ (N975F)
A40 (A405F)
A50 (A505F)
A70 (A705F)
A80 (A805F)
A51 (A515F)
A71 (A715F)
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